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Is Marketing Making us Slaves To Our Wishes?

Its great to see that how man has changed the very dynamic s of marketing and has been using this powerful tool to sell almost everything. But what has changed in this time? Is man getting more successful and more advanced or is he getting more depressed and becoming slaves to his wishes and wants?

While there have been many articles written on this topic but I thought to write on this one again as I believe that every writer has a different impact on the reader. Well to me marketing in today’s age is like a ticking bomb that can explode any time and make things worse than ever before. Marketer of today is making all the efforts he can to sell his product and in this effort of his he is making lives of many ordinary people a living hell.  How? Let’s see things from a different perspective.

We are spending on things that we don’t need. We are being slaves to our wishes just to make ourselves content with acquiring the new product in the market. But this feeling of being content is there only for a small time and soon we realise that we are being drowned in a well of our own wishes and wants.

These marketers are making us spend all our money on things that will lose their wroth and usage just as new product is introduced in the market. So are we doing right by spending like fools, with all our hard earn money given to these people who are playing with our emotions and making us weak decision makers?

So don’t fall prey to these marketing tactics that force you to spend even your last penny on something that you totally don’t need.

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